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Rights of Mother Earth is a Global Grassroots movement calling for the acceptance and implementation of Rights of Nature by the UN and all Nations.

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It started with the Rio+20/Earth Summit 2012 in Brazil 
and will continue until we reach 1,000,000 signatures.

Our Mission:

We ask the United Nations to adopt the Universal Declaration for Rights of Mother Earth and acknowledge Nature as a living being. We ask that the recognition of the Rights of Nature be included in the United Nations Climate Conference agreements. We ask all Nations to include Rights of Nature in their legal systems

What we do:
The Global signature campaign “Rights of Mother Earth” is asking the United Nations to adopt the “Universal
Declaration of Rights of Mother Earth” as one of the key documents besides the Human Rights Declaration. We
propose adopting the “Universal Declaration of Rights of Mother Earth” that was issued at the Peoples Conference in
Cochabamba, Bolivia in 2010, which was organized by the government of Bolivia and took place after the UN climate
conference in Copenhagen in 2009.

We are also asking world leaders to acknowledge nature as a living being, honoring her as the source of all life on
Earth, and all nations to include nature in their domestic legal systems as a rights-bearing entity.
See the declaration here.

As one of the key documents of the UN, this declaration would provide the global commitment and spur the
paradigm shift needed from a human-centered world view, treating Earth as a resource to be exploited, to an
Earth-centered approach, prioritizing the well-being of nature and recognizing the interconnectedness between
nature and humans. Failing to do so will leave the Earth uninhabitable and render the Human Rights Declaration

We started the Rights of Mother Earth signature campaign in 2011 to “be the voice for Mother Earth” at the Earth
Summit Rio+20, since then we have delivered two intermediary accounts of signatures to the UN Secretary General
Mr. Ban Ki-moon; first over 117,000 at the Earth Summit Rio+20 in 2012, second almost 828,000 at the Climate
Conference in Paris in 2015. Currently we have 848,973 

Why a second declaration?
The United Nation’s programs are mainly based on the protecton and well being of humans – hence the Declaration
of Human Rights as one of the key documents. What is missing today is a declaration that acknowledges Nature as a
living being, with the right to exist, persist, maintain and regenerate its vital cycles, rather than being seen as
property or a resource to be consumed. The declaration in its self is not legally binding but can serve as an aspiration
for all nations and point the way to align our laws with the laws of nature and include nature in the legal systems as a
rights bearing entity. Today this is not the case; our legal systems give rights only to people and institutions created
by people, such as 

Planned actons:
December 10th 2018 will be the 70th anniversary of the Human Rights Declaration. In honor of that we will deliver
one million signatures for the adoption of the Declaration of Rights of Mother Earth to the United Nations.
(details tbc)

Parallel to this civil society project, we are asking UN representatives to form a group that will propose to the UN
General Assembly to engage in the formal drafting of a Declaration of Rights of Nature, (we propose “The Universal
Declaration of Rights of Mother Earth” as mentioned above, or to use it as reference for the draft.)

We welcome your participation.
Say yes to Rights of Nature
Please sign our petition and share it widely, thank you.
See our video with the petition link at the end: http://www.rightsofmotherearth.com/she-is-alive
contact: doris@rightsofmotherearth.com


Who We Are:



Doris Ragettli, Switzerland:

Dpl. Environmental Consultant. 

Co-Founder of Rights Of Mother Earth with Robin Milam. 

1991-2004 co-accountable for The Hunger Project,Switzerland. 1991-1995 in charge of Youth Ending Hunger Switzerland. 1991 lead a successful grassroots campaign for the signing and implementation of the Declaration of the Rights of the Child by all nations, for Switzerland. 1994-2001 Co-founder of Cyclists Ending Hunger, lead 7 cross USA bicycle rides in support of poverty and hunger eradication programs. Since 1991 Flight Attendant for Swiss Intl. Airlines. 


Robin Milam, USA:
Member of the Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature. My passion is my love of nature, the well-being of our planet, and transforming our relationship with ourselves and our planet.  Through The Pachamama Alliance, I lead life altering journeys to the remote, pristine rainforests of Ecuador. Participating in the 2010 People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Nature in Cochabamba, Bolivia ignited Rights of Nature is my life work.  I am proud to be co-founder with Doris of the Rights of Mother Earth campaign. I took our signature campaign and advocated for Rights of Nature at COP17 in Durban, South Africa.


Maria Stergiou Zurich, Switzerland:

Co-founder of Rights of Mother Earth.
Maria holds a Masters of Advanced Studies in Art History, Linguistics and Anthropology from the Universities of Zurich and Basel and worked in different key positions as project leader and federal employee in the areas of art, culture and science. She was born and raised in Greece and lived since ever in multicultural locations.

“Our planet is the this tiny dot on the map of the universe. We are born on it. It nourishes us, and it is our home for a while. How come that we take that for granted? Can we get away with everything?




Alexandra Koch, Country Director of The Hunger Project, Switzerland: 
Co-founder of Rights of Mother Earth, Alexandra holds a Masters in Business and Economics from Basel and completed a Post-Master Certificate in International Business at Oakland University in Michigan, USA.
Prior to working with The Hunger Project, Alexandra was involved with product management, project management and group controlling at a large insurance company.






Mónica Alvarez Errecalde Mar del Plata, Argentina:
Spanish Translator

"Since I had the privilege of being born in a wonderful, caring and loving family I always feel the need of thanking and sharing, also because I am lucky for all the friends and opportunities I have.
Mother Nature is alive and provides us with all we need with immense generosity, in spite of humans lack of respect and consideration, that’s why I joined the Rights of Mother Earth campaign, to spread the word, help people take a stand, and try to make this world a better place to live in for us and the next generations"



Christoph Meier, Geneva, Switzerland:

German translator

For the last thirty years liberalization has continuously reduced trade barriers as well as legal limitations and State controls on banks and multinational corporations. This has brought the financial system to the brink of collapse and unprecedented riches to a handful of individuals while the reste of the world struggles ever more and natural resources dwindle in a more and more polluted environment. It is high time to change our cours of action.

Christoph Meier was for a long time the in-house counsel of an important non-governmental organisation. He is now involved in bicycle business and advocacy.



Maria Paula Lourinho, Lisboa, Portugal:
Portuguese Translator

"Earth is Paradise. Man has no right to change this, but the obligation to use his mental capacity to the Good and to restore the equilibrium he has taken away from Nature. By achieving this, Man can heal himself and allow all forms of Being to blossom in their entire magnificence.”




Gil Hilleard, Oxford, England:

Gil graduated with a B.Sc. ((Hons) (Sociology) and later gained a M.Sc. (Organisational Psychology). Gil launched his own organisation development consultancy in 1987 and for 20 years he gained a reputation as an expert in group and inter-group facilitation, conflict resolution and change management. Gil is a Director of Leaders Lab (www.leaderslab.co.uk) Gil is passionate about enabling personal and group transformation.

Gil is also a Facilitator for the Awakening the Dreamer Symposium (www.pachamama.org/engage/symposium) a workshop that deepens understanding of sustainability, social justice and wellbeing issues around the world.